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Dairy fresh at Clipstone Farm

We are a small family dairy farm of about 70 British Friesians run by Richard and Jane Nash along with sons Tom and Daniel.

We are the 3rd and 4th generation of the family to farm at Clipstone and have been milking cows for nearly 100 years. William Nash moved to Clipstone Farm and started the dairy in the 1920s. The farm was then run by Don and Connie Nash until the 1990’s.

Our cows are free range and graze outside for the majority of the year

They only stay inside during wet weather in the winter and are grass, hay and forage fed.

We farm a low intensity extensive system, we believe this is better for the cows and the environment as they are not pressured into producing large quantities of milk which is unsustainable and unnatural.

As our herd is farmed in a natural way, many of the cows in the herd are over 10 years old.